Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Flew twice this week plus a sim session, the sim is pretty sweet, and quite disorienting. You never know which instrument is going to fail next, and you don't have your inner ear to give you a sense of motion. Valentines weekend alway sucks when you're single, nuff said. but tomorrow i'm going to a 21'st birthday party for one of my friends, and I've got some jack D. stowed for the occasion, maybe it will turn out fun. i'm also going to the gym, potentially with my woommate - thats always good for a laugh. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

airplanes, cows, and physics.

HAVEN'T posted anything in a long time, maybe i'll start writing in here more, it just kinda slipped my mind for about 3 months. 

Anyway, i got my first flight in a Diamond DA-40 today, and it was friggin' awesome. Took off at about 4:30 PM and most of the flight was at night, so that's always fun. my instructor also made me spend most of the flight under the hood, because i am working on my instrument.  Its pretty easy to fly instruments with a G1000, just like a video game. the DA-40 is to the Cessna 172 what a Maserati is to the Volvo 240.

My brother Russell called me the other day and said his boss has a fresh batch of young bulls that need to be castrated soon, so i'm going to go to centerville sometime in the next few weeks and get a taste of what real men do for a living, I can't wait. Things like that are the advantages of having a brother who's a vet. You basically stick the bull in a chute so it can't escape, and you get an instrument that looks kind of like a pair of vicegrips, except with a razor blade instead of just a regular clamp. You just, to use a Georgia expression, "Grab it n' growl" .. meaning, rip that sack open and evict some boys. 

As far as classes go, everything is good but Physics SUCKS. i cannot wait to be done with it, because its a load of bullshit. I have to spend 6 hours a week in class for just that one class, and thats not counting the shit I have to do outside of class. he good thing is the only classes besides physics are philosophy, theory of flight, and instrument ground, which are all really easy, plus my actual flying. So if i can figure out a way to get an A in physics with minimal effort, I'll be happy.